Asian Massage by Tanya Wu
~Massage Therapy for Pain Management~

This has to be one of the best massages I've ever gotten. The atmosphere at Tanya's massage studio was small but not uncomfortable, cozy and clean. You just get a feeling that you are going to be treated with proessionalism and respect.

She really takes the time to ask you about your physical ailments, your posture, what you feel are your trouble areas. She could tell immediately upon touch that I work on computers 10+ hours a day and that i am a runner. My shoulders and hips are so tight as a result. 

The actual masage are incredible. She was able to get deeper within the muscle tissue without pain, just by using her feet and walking on my back with this contraption that held her up. I'd never had a barefoot massage beofre but i am a convert. I felt unbelievably relaxed afterward. 

My only regret is that I don't live in Annapolis, I can only see her when i'm in town. Tanya mentioned that athletes and a lot of people who work on ther feet like chefs find a on of relief in her massages. Makes sense to me, just don't forget about us computer geeks wiht troubled shoulders. We deserve Tanya's massages too!

                                                                             Vivian          Brooklyn, NY



I have been receiving massage treatments from Tanya for several years. She is by far the most knowledgeable and talented therapist that i have ener known. She trains regularly to learn the newest techiques to add to already vast repertoire. Her ability to sense your areas of tightness and trauma are incredible. She has learned to use her feet to massage you in such a way that you cannot tell the difference in her hands and her feet in the process. Tanya is simply amazing and also a beautiful bright and sparkling person. You cannot deny yourself the experience!

                                                                            Robert F.        Beverley Bch, MD



Being a bodyworker myself, I've recived massages of many different styles and modalities. Tanya's massage was clearly the best I've ever experienced. Using feet as well as hands Tanya demonstrated a true gift to heal, she is very talented. It was incredible!

                                                                         Rob Fiorentino       Springfld Ctr, NY



I am amazed each time I get the opportunity to see Tanya. I've traveled all over the world (in the military) and Tanya is, without a doubt, the best massage therapist I've ever had the privilege of seeing. She is a true professional that offers a wide variety of massage. 

I've been going to her for the past few months (chronic knee and neck pain), and now I no longer need to take pain medication. I'm relaxed and pain-free for a week or more after just one 90 minute session. 

I recommend her Lomi-lomi or Swedish massage if you have just minor pain, but her deeper massage (using her feet and full weight) is incredible. It's worth every penny spent. 

                                                                        Tim S.    Annapolis, MD



I have had massages all over the world. And I have found the best massage right here in Annapolis, MD. Tanya Wu in my mind is the top therapist on this earth. I have never left a table so relaxed in my life. She is so professional and great at her craft, there are times on her table that I think I'm on a different planet.

                                                                         J. W.      Annapolis, MD



 If you are looking for a massage that is worth your time and money, this is the place to go. Tanya's Ashiatsu Barefoot massage is absolutely incredible! I could not believe how good my back and neck felt afterwards. Most other massages hardly compare to Tanya's skill. After a thorough health history, Tanya will use her amazing strength and precision in a way that might exceed your expectations of massage, leaving you deeply relaxed and energized. Truly one of the best massage therapists in Annapolis!

                                                                         Zach C.     Annapolis, MD


I have been getting traditonal massage for over 10 years and I have never felt lasting results like I have with Tanya.

Hands can only go so far. I am a practicing massage therapist who met Tanya at work years ago. She started her own practice and now and I send all the clients I feel I cannot help to Tanya, she is amazing.

Even my husband goes to her and I could work on him for free but we would rather pay for the benefits of barefoot work over anything else. It is worth every cent and there is nothing else that compares. 

You must see for yourself. Tanya is extremely talented and uses her feet, arms, hands, legs and other tools to stretch and lengthen your body in a way you have to feel to believe. You cannot even tell when she is using her feet and when she isn't. It is a unique modality that few people can perform successfully. 

I feel taller, leaner and stronger after every session with Tanya and the feeling lasts days not just the day of the session. 

I love you Tanya, you the the BEST!

                                                                                Heidi McLean, LMT


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