Asian Massage by Tanya Wu
~Massage Therapy for Pain Management~
About the Practitioner

Tanya Wu

Tanya is a Licensed Massage Therapist in Maryland and is nationally board-certified in Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork.   Tanya’s formal massage therapy education includes graduation from the Anne Arundel Community College Therapeutic Massage Certificate program and over 250 hours of specialized training, with a focus on acute and chronic pain management.  She is also a member of the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP) and holds a Master of Business Administration from Strayer University.


Tanya’s training in massage therapy began at age six, when her mother taught her to give barefoot massage to ease her mother’s back pain.  Asian medicine, massage, and holistic healing are a natural, every-day part of growing up in Asia.


Tanya has focused on adapting, expanding, and refining the techniques learned as a girl and integrated them with new therapeutic approaches that help decrease pain, mobilize joints through muscle manipulation, increase flexibility, and improve posture.    These methods include the integration of Golgi tendon, ligament friction, facet recoil, assisted stretching, and spindle techniques to facilitate holistic pain-relief.

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